Consent Form

Protecting your information...

In order for Cadre to present you to a company we must obtain your consent. By completing the consent form, you ensure that Cadre will represent your candidacy to the company and will uphold your confidentiality during the process. We ask that all candidates complete this form.

Candidate Consent Form

I hereby authorize Cadre to begin to take steps commencing today to attempt to assign me to work for one or other of its clients. This by no means constitutes an employee/employer relationship.

I also confirm that prior to today, there has been no agreement between Cadre and I to attempt to assign me to work for any client of Cadre.

I understand that this Agreement provides no guarantee that Cadre will be successful in its attempts to assign me to work and that this agreement therefore does not guarantee me future work assignments with any clients of Cadre.

I consent to the collection of my Personal Information*, as requested by Cadre, and I understand that this information will be used strictly for the purpose of assisting me in finding a suitable employment opportunity.

I consent to the disclosure of such Personal Information:

  1. to Cadre’s clients when, in Cadre’s exclusive discretion, the client may provide me with a suitable employment opportunity; and
  2. to the extent necessary, to Cadre’s representatives (including, but not limited to, affiliates, partners, and contractors) who assist Cadre in providing full staffing services.

I further consent to the retention of my Personal Information by Cadre as long as I am utilizing Cadre’s placement services.

In the event that I wish to withdraw my consent to the use, disclosure and retention of my Personal Information, I understand that it is my responsibility to inform Cadre in writing, at which time I will be informed by Cadre if and/or how such withdrawal may affect the services being provided to me.

This form can either be signed and faxed to Cadre or Emailed.
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