Employment Options

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Employment Options

The following information pertains only to those individuals and businesses working and operating in Canada. For information regarding employment legislation in the United States please contact one of our Recruitment Specialists.

At Cadre we strive to ensure that our workers, contractors and clients are aware of how the rules and laws in today's workplace affect them. We want you to be able to make the best choices!

Option 1: Contract Workers

Workers who are not Sole Proprietors or Independent Contractors are subject to regular Income Tax, CPP and EI deductions. These payroll deductions are deducted at source, and reported to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) in the normal manner on a T4 Supplementary form. Workers receive 4% in lieu of vacation pay, and for eligible Workers, equivalent pay in lieu of statutory holiday pay.

Option 2 and 3:
Sole Proprietors and Incorporated Businesses

The next two options apply to those engaged as Sole Proprietors or Incorporated Businesses hereafter referred to as Independent Contractors. It is important to understand the legal and tax differences between the next two options. At Cadre we strive to ensure that our contractors and clients make themselves aware of these differences.

What follows is some general information on the two working arrangements available to you as an Independent Contractor. Please be aware that Cadre is in no way able to offer legal or tax advice with respect to a worker's decision related to these matters. We strongly advise you to seek professional and legal advice before engaging as an Independent Contractor. The following points may not apply to you or every independent contractor, but are presented as helpful suggestions to assist you in controlling risk.

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